Thursday 24th June - day 6

Had breakfast without too many upsets then booked out. Went back to the square for a game of frisbee and broke with tradition and had a look around a museum. which was crap. Had omelette and chips again and so did Rob who also bought the biers. wahey.

Dave made a cock-up with the train times with him thinking that 00:18 was pm and not am. Waited for the 14:56 and made another snap decision to get off at Strasbourg...which we thought was in Switzerland. Obviously somebody had moved the furniture and not told us. Met 3 Americans whilst looking for the youth hostel. Eventually found it and decided to utilise their camping facilities at 10 francs a night which was handy because that's all the French money we had.

Played frisbee for a while and then watched some German girls play football. Tres Bon. Played frisbee again and were joined by a German chap by the name of Axel. Going of Axel performance, England would have a good chance of any frisbee penalty shoot out against West Germany.

In the evening, we walked to the local supermarket to find some cheap bier using the last of Dave's few Francs. Back at the hostel we were joined by our new German friend Axel who was very keen to chat with us and also bought us a bier. Fine chaps these Germans. And then it was time for bed and our first time in our fancy tent abroad. There was a Canadian chap setting up his tent next to ours, not easy in the dark so Dave lent him his karrimor survival kit.

my thoughts:
The whole trip was getting better by the day; moving from one city to another, meeting other like minded people, drinking foreign bier and all with next to no thought. Just wake up, make a decision and go.