Sunday 20th June 1982 - day 2

Woke up very early to the grand sound of all of us (except Pete) farting. As loud as possible. Probably due to Southern water.

Eventually got up at 8:30 to cups of tea made by Rob. Woke Pete up but all we got was abuse (Southern water I guess). Decided to go for a game of Frisbee in the local park which lasted for a hour and a half. Nice and sunny day. Pete still in bed on our return.

Said our goodbyes to Pete and made our way to the City. Left our ruck sacks at Victoria Station (£1.50) and went for a lookabout.

Started off at the Tate (closed) then along to Westminster and Downing Street where Rob made a silent protest to the Tory goverment and in particular Our Maggie by flicking crows at No.10. Looked around SoHo then onto St James Park for a bit of a kip. Had a look at the Queens house then back to the Tate (open).
Popped into a pub showing the England vs Czechoslovakia game which England won 2-0. Don't forget, we were well into the Spanish 1982 World Cup at this point.

Caught the Magic Bus at 7:45pm and arrived at Dover around 10pm. Indulged in a pint of Ben Trumans (yuk).The ferry left at 11pm. Had egg & chips to help settle our stomachs.

my thoughts:
The structure of an average day was beginning to take shape early on - sleep, food, beer, frisbee.