Saturday June 19th 1982 - day 1

Dave and his Dad set off at 9:30am, picked up Rob then Me and arrived in Manchester at 10:15. Found out there was no coach at 11:00 so we caught the 10:30 which was driven by a looney Irish chap.

Arrived in London at 4pm and made our way over to Pete Fletcher's house. Which was awkward because nobody in Camberwell knew where Paulet Road was. Eventually struck gold at 6:15 with Pete greeting us with "What do you want?".

After a slap up meal of beans on toast we made our way to the local. Started on Ramrod Special (70p a pint - damn those Southern prices) but Rob and myself quickly moved to Guinness (73p - didn't take long to become acclimatised to the prices I see). Went in one pub and came straight out again. I know it's racialist but we would have been the only whites in there and we would have been very uncomfortable.

Had chips for supper.

my thoughts:
After saving up for months on end, the day of departure was here. I'd managed to save about £750 and hoped it would last about six months or longer if we could do some grape picking.
Weather was a bit overcast, dog thought she was going for a little walk.
Madness were number 1 with "Welcome to the House of Fun".