Wednesday 23rd June - day 5

We awoke at 8am really looking forward to bread and jam. Mmmmm. Dave yawned whilst we were queueing and the warden through a wobbly at him. European water I guess.
We decided to stay another night to which the warden said "I'm not very glad".

Found some grass and played frisbee for a hour and a half then had a walkabout. It felt a bit like a Sunday because everything was shut due to some anniversary of the Grand Duchy (God he's ugly - Dave). On our wanders, we found a restaurant by a square and had omelette and chips except Rob who didn't like omelette. I also had a banana special. Played frisbee in the square which being made of stone was great for bouncing and skimming the frisbee. Had a bier then went for another walk, which was nice.

Made our way back to the youth hostel and had a game of table tennis followed by a shower then hit the night life of Luxembourg. Stumbled upon another square with a brass band playing which was nice and very popular with the ageing population. Drank more beer.

my thoughts:
I'm sure the owners of the local shops in the square wanted us to stop playing frisbee but because we were English and the World Cup was in full swing and the English disease of football hooliganism was still a major talking point, they put up with us.

Luxembourg is a great place to go to in your dotage. Everything is nice, which is nice.