Monday 21st June 1982 - day 3

With over 10 hours to go until we arrived in Amsterdam, Dave and I decided to watch "Escape To Victory" whilst Rob stayed in the cafe. Fell asleep half way through... yet to see the remainder of the film.

Touched foreign soil at 10am and found accommodation at Bob's Youth Hostel at a cost of 14 gilders a night. Good shower. Went sightseeing in the evening and found an amusement arcade showing blue movies. Rob risked 1 gilder and came back with a big smile.
Had a beer in a local bar whilst Watching Norther Ireland draw 1-1 then went for a wander around the red light district whereupon I was propositioned with "I no fucky, I only sucky" (only 25 gilders) by a manky looking lady of the night. I declined but only because she had lots of cold sores around her mouth...yuuek.

my thoughts:
Being such a shrinking violet, I didn't take to Amsterdam. There were too many people pushing drugs and sex in your face everywhere you went, even in the sacred grounds of amusment arcades.
Continental breakfast? What's that all about? Apricot jam and a roll? Pah.