Friday 25th June 1982 - day 7

Discovered that our tent wasn't big enough for three, so I did the decent thing and let Dave leave and go for a four mile run. On his return,he became very pally with the Canadian chap, Paul and he came with us into Strasbourg to exchange some money and have a look around.

The cathedral is stunning and massive and deserved more time than I gave it.

Had eggs with French bread for dinner - marvellous. Then played frisbee but with an International flavour - England v Canada v West Germany. Axel really is a bad frisbee chucker.
We booked in for another night and Dave put up his tent with help from Paul who also slept in it. Shared beans and hamburgers with Rob. Dave and Paul got friendly with two New Zealand girls. I like beans me.

As the evening closed in, we made a beeline for the bar for more French bier and got chatty with the New Zealanders - Liz & Jo. Rob was on top form doing Michael Crawford, Leonard Rossiter and Monty Pythons impressions which were appreciated by all. Dave smooched over to a German girl he'd been eyeing all night and Paul burst into song.

my thoughts:
This was a great day and night and I only had to share a tent with Rob. Drunken luxury. Hope the tent has breathable fabric.